Some of the Android tips and tricks for getting the most from your phone

Android tips and tricks

Apple phone is considered the initiator of revolution in the smartphone mobile world, but Google has brought it to its logical conclusion. Android is nowadays the most popular and well-used platform in the world, surpassing Windows and iOS as well as macOS.

This is because of heavily to its powerful open-source nature. Google is constantly modifying and adding new features to Android, and OEMs such as OnePlus and Samsung can add their f on top of that.

Here are various tips and tricks, which will help in better usage of your android phone.

1. Lock Screen Configuration.

Android phones come with a variety of secure lock screens. You should do this now as most phones will prompt you to do this during setup. PIN, pattern, and password
are preset. Most devices now come with fingerprint security, which is probably the easiest way to access your device’s usability. Go to the system settings and find the security menu to control your lock screen.
Instead, some phones have a separate lock screen menu. To access features like Android Pay and factory reset protection, you’ll need a secure lock screen.

2. Uninstall Bloatware/Disable.

Most phones nowadays come with pre-loaded apps that you won’t want to keep. Pre-installed apps can be removed through the Play Store or by looking for them in the app’s settings section. Anything that is part of the system image, on the other hand, is not changeable.

You can disable it by going to the app menu in the main system settings and selecting the app from the list. A “Disable” button will appear at the top, which will remove it from your app drawer and prevent it from running in the background.

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3. Chat Bubbles.

You’re well-known, you may bere receiving so many messages from friends, colleagues, and well-wishers that it’s difficult to keep up. Don’t worry, Android version 11 includes support for Chat Bubbles.

This feature was supposed to be included in earlier versions; however, it was postponed. The idea is that instead of keeping everything in the notification shade, you may allow chat apps to pop up little bubbles for each chat thread. They’re similar to Facebook’s chat heads, but they can be used with nearly any program. This feature must be activated on most phones, which can be found in the notification settings.

4. Screen Pinning.

Is Aare always afraid to lend your phone to someone because you don’t want them to look through your personal information or post on your social media accounts? With screen pinning, you can be generous without sacrificing your privacy.

When you pin an app to the lock screen, your phone will only run that app until the lock screen code is entered again. Without your code, the user will be unable to access any other aspects of your phone.

It’s simple to set up screen pinning. Go to the Security section in Settings and turn on screen pinning.

After you’ve enabled this feature, open the app that your friend requires. Then, below the phone screen, tap the square navigation icon to open Overview. In the lower right-hand corner of the window for the most recently opened app, you should see a pin icon (it seems just like the little thumbtack). Tap the pin button to pin that app to the home screen.

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