Installation Guide for Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy A71

ROM for Samsung Galaxy A71

How a custom ROM can be installed on an Android phone or tablet, this article will assist you in this matter. As every smartphone or tablet comes with a default, built-in or pre-installed Rom.

Moreover, this article will inform about installing custom ROM. Here we consider Samsung Galaxy A71, for example, you can install from according to your desire. Further, a few steps will be covered in connection with the installation of Custom Rom.

Here is a list of a few steps to follow for installing Rom.

Step.1 Thing must be available.

  • Android device rooted.
  • A-Data cable or USB cable.
  • Laptop or a computer.
  • Good and speedy internet connection

Step. 2 Get ready to start.

  • First you have to find a custom ROM for the device Galaxy A71, it will be available on the Android XDA forum. or Download From Here make sure you have available the latest tools.
  • When you find your desired one, it must be for your phone, and your specific version.
    it should be your specific for Galaxy A71, and for which you are searching.
  • Your device to be rooted in because of the installation of custom ROM.
  • As most of the Rom, while downloaded, lack the google apps as pre-installed. So, if the Google app is not pre-installed, make it install.

Step.3.  prepare your smartphone for the installation of custom ROM.

Connect your laptop with your phone. Now look at the custom Rom, which you have downloaded in zipped files, leave them the way they are) to your device.

Now turn off your device and, and follow the recovery option, (This may vary from phone to phone, as in Galaxy A71 mobile, Press the power button and also volume up the key same time.) recovery mode will be looks like in pic.

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It may be varied from device version to version.

Here you will see several options in the recovery mode, from there one important step is to backup of current Samsung Galaxy A71 firmware. Why this is important, because if any step gets wrong while installing custom ROM, then you have an option to restore your phone to its previous condition. Further, you may choose according to your demand, either you have to wipe your data, Factory restore, NAndroid backup, and so on.

So, if you are restoring factory restore, it will delete all of your phone data, whatever you have stored in memory, (Picture, Music, Documents, Setting, and so on).

Step 4. Installing Custom ROM.

  • While installing the custom Rom, go to Installed zip from SD card.
  • It depends on what location you save the files on your phone, external or internal. select ZIP from an SD card or external USB.
  • Now choose the custom ROM, and confirm it as you want to install it.
  • Select it yes, and install the zip file.

Download Samsung Galaxy A71 Rom

While you are sure about the installation of the custom ROM, now go back to the main menu of the recovery and choose REBOOT SYSTEM NOW. This will present you with a new look of custom ROM to your Galaxy A71 phone, it may take a little time.

When it takes too much time, it denotes any error, then the same procedure will be repeated if needed.

If everything is ok, then be happy your phone will present you a new with look with a custom ROM.


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