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When you install ROM on this phone, you will be experiencing a new user interface. You will have constant phone updates since the developers will continue…
samsung m21 MOBILE

The first thing to note about the Samsung M21 is that it is manufactured by the Samsung brand and has a display screen of 6.4inches. More so, it has 1080 by 2340 pixel resolution.

With its non-removable battery, this phone comes with the Android 10 operating system. In no time, we will give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to install ROM on this phone.

Bear in mind that, when you install ROM on this phone, you will be experiencing a new user interface. You will have constant phone updates since the developers will continue to work on modifying the current version.

As it stands, your Samsung M21 will no longer lag and it will be capable of getting updated to the latest version of Android.

Steps To Install ROM

It must be noted that before you install ROM on your Samsung M21, you are to unlock its bootloader. Then, your phone must have the TWRP recovery. Note that, the TWRP file may likely or may not likely be available.

More so, you will need to root your phone. In no time, we will provide you with steps to install custom ROM with the aid of the CWM recovery. The steps entail:     

•          Step One

You are to ensure that your phone is fully charged.

•          Step Two

In this step, you are to download the ideal zip file of the ROM you want to be installed on your M21. You can get the ROM of your choice on the Internet.

•          Step Three

When you have your ROM ready, you are to place the file in either the internal or external storage of your Samsung M21 device.

•          Step Four

The last step involves booting into the CWM recovery. To do this, you will have to switch your phone off. Press  oth the power button and volume down button together at once.  

As you do this, you will find diverse options in its recovery mode. A vital step to have in mind is that you will need to backup the firmware of your device. Backing it up means that if anything goes wrong while installing the ROM  you can easily restore your phone.

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When you are done backing up, you will need to factory reset the device before you install any ROM. To do this, you will need to embark on going to Factory Reset/Wipe Data.

While there, click on yes then wipe all your data and cache by moving to the wipe cache partition, then yes to wipe the cache.

Finally, installing the custom ROM will involve going to install zip. Then, you are to select zip from your SD card before finally selecting the zip file from your internal storage.

At this point, you are to click on yes to install the zip file. As the process begins, ensure you do not disrupt it. And in no time, you will have successfully installed the ROM on your Samsung M21.

Furthermore, those with TWRP recovery on your phone can follow the steps we have below. They are:

•          Step one

As expected you are to fully charge your phone as the first step.

•          Step Two

Once the phone is fully charged, boot your phone into the TWRP recovery. You are to switch off your phone and simultaneously press your power button and the volume down button together.

Before you install the ROM, ensure you have properly backed up the already existing ROM so that it can be restored should anything go wrong.

•          Step Three

You are to go to Wipe then Swipe to the factory reset.

•          Step Four

This step involves going back and clicking on the install button.  Then, select the custom ROM Zip File and Swipe to confirm flash.

•          Step five

Click on the back button then reboot your Samsung M21. Now you have installed the ROM through TWRP recovery on your phone.



On a general note, we have provided you with two authentic steps on installing ROM on your Samsung M21 device. You can select the one that best suits you and proceed to install your custom ROM. Also, you can download a good custom ROM from XDA developers.

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