Download & Install Custom ROM On Redmi 9 Power

ROM Installation On Redmi 9 Power

Before you install custom ROM on your Redmi 9 Power, it must be noted that this phone comes with a 6.53 inches display. While you will love 1080 by 2340 pixel resolution, you will also love the fact that it comes with the Android 10 operating system.

With its non-removable 6000mAh battery, it makes use of the Snapdragon 662 chipset. One fact about this phone you will see in this article is that you can install custom ROM if you want.

For those interested in installing custom ROM on the Redmi 9 Power, keep reading to get all you need.

Steps To Install ROM

Since custom ROMs are practically firmware developed by diverse community developers in a bid to place additional features in your phone, diverse types of ROMs can be installed on that phone of yours.

However, before you install one on the Redmi 9 power, you will need to unlock its bootloader. Then, your device will need to have the TWRP recovery installed successfully.

With the help of the CWM recovery, you can install ROM on your phone. The steps involved here include:

•          Step One

You are expected to charge your phone to the fullest as this cannot be done with a low battery.

•          Step Two

You are to download the correct zip file of the ROM you are installing. You can find one on the Internet. Here’s a link to download ROM for Redmi 9 power:

•          Step Three

When you are done downloading the ROM, place the file in your external storage or the internal storage of your phone.

•          Step Four

When all is set, boot it into your CWM recovery. To do this, your phone needs to be switched off. In the switch-off mode, press both the volume down button and your power button together at once. Now, you will be fully Bottled into CWM recovery.

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While you will see diverse options in your recovery mode, you must have your phone’s firmware backed up. In case anything goes wrong as you are installing the ROM, backing it up will help you restore the phone.

Since you now have a backup, the next thing to do is the factory reset of your phone before any ROM installation can take place. It is a simple process that involves moving to the wipe data or factory reset then clicking on yes, and wiping your user data.

You can wipe your cache when you go to the wipe cache partition then click on yes and finally wipe the cache.

In installing your custom ROM, embark on installing zip then chose your zip from your memory card. Then, select the zip file from the internal storage. Click on yes to install the zip file and watch as the process begins.

For those with TWRP recovery on their phone, the steps to follow are:

•          Get your phone completely charged

•          Boot the phone into TWRP recovery by switching off and pressing both the volume down and power button at once.

•          Where you have properly backed the phone is before you install the custom ROM

•          Then, go to the wipe button, then Swipe to factory reset

•          You are to go back and click on your install button. Here, select the custom ROM zip file and finally swipe in confirmation of flash.

•          At last, press back and reboot your phone.

Now, you have installed ROM successfully on 4edmi 9 Power.


We have provided you with the necessary steps needed to install ROM on your Redmi 9 Power. Ensure that you follow the steps cautiously in order not to make any mistakes. You can get a ROM to download from LineageOS.

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