WhatsApp privacy: What will happen to your account after May 15 if you will not accept the new policy

WhatsApp privacy: What will happen to your account after May 15 if you will not accept the new policy

Since WhatsApp- Instant Messaging Application rolled out an update to their new privacy policy, it has been facing serious flak. The deadline initially was being set for January 8th. However, it was further decided by the app to push it down to May 15th after getting criticism from all its users all across the globe.

What will happen on! May 5th if you plan on not accepting WhatsApp’sWhatsApp’s new privacy policy update. The messaging platform has already revealed all the users’ options to go through in the company’s FAQ section.

What will happen on the effective date?

WhatsApp will not delete your account if you haven’t already accepted the new privacy policy by May 15th. However, the company is claiming that you will not be having the full functionality of WhatsApp until you get it. Although you will receive calls and notifications for a short time after May 15th, but will not read or send messages from the app.

There have been a few options that WhatsApp has also provided for all its users. All its users will still have the option to accept its updates after May 15th. The company’s policy will also apply to all inactive users.

You have an option to export your chat history on Android or iPhone before May 15th and easily download a report of your account.

All WhatsApp users have to be very sure if they plan to delete their account from their Android, iPhone, or KaiOS device, as the process is irreversible. All the messages and data of the users will be erased, and you will also be removed from all of your WhatsApp groups. According to the company, the WhatsApp backups will also be deleted.

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Whatsapp recently revealed that adding some new features within the application that it is claiming will help its users understand the new policy and clear the ”misinformation” around it.

After receiving a major backlash since revealing its new privacy policy, the Facebook-owned service has made many efforts to clear the air on what the new privacy policy will change. To achieve this, WhatsApp so far has been using its own status updates page, has also made several public clarifications, and now is also completely set to display a new banner in the app.

Through the use of all these methods, the app assures all of its users that all their chats will remain private and encrypted post the new privacy terms and that companies who will be getting access to all your chats having business accounts are “entirely optional.”

According to Whatsapp, they have very much reflected here on what they could have done better. The company wants all of its users to know their history of defending end-to-end encryption and trust that they are committed to protecting people’s privacy and security.

Written by: Mannat Manuja, LinkedIn

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