New JioPhone 2 year Offer 2021. Unlimited calls and data

jio 2 year offer rs 1999

Reliance Jio announced its ‘New JioPhone 2021 offer’ under which the company will offer a new JioPhone at only Rs 1,999 and two years of unlimited services, including unlimited voice calls as unlimited data, which is 2GB per month at only Rs 1,999. The offer is the company’s initiative for accelerating the ‘2G-mukt Bharat’ movement. Jio says that this offer will be making JioPhone accessible to close to at least 300 million feature phone users in India. 

This ‘New JioPhone 2021 offer’ will be available from March 1 across all the Reliance and Jio retailers. 

ThisReliance Jio’s New JioPhone 2021 offer’ is divided into two parts: for all the new JioPhone users and the existing JioPhone users.

New JioPhone 2021 offer for existing users explained

• All the existing JioPhone users or those who already have a JioPhone will be eligible for 12 months or one year of unlimited services at only Rs 749. These unlimited services will be including unlimited voice calls and 2GB of data per month.

Offer for new JioPhone users explained

• There is one more plan for new JioPhone users that will offer a new JioPhone device along with one year of unlimited service at only Rs 1,499. These unlimited service benefits are also the same as including unlimited voice calls and 2GB of data per month. In this case scenario, unlimited services will be available to the new users for around one year or 12 months. The total data which will be offered under this plan would be 24GB.

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• All the new JioPhone users will be getting the new JioPhone device along with the two years of unlimited services at a price of only Rs 1,999. In order to reiterate, unlimited services will include unlimited voice calls and 2GB of data per month or almost 48Gb of data in total. This means that the users will not require to recharge for two years for the voice calls or data until and unless more than 2GB of data per month is needed.

New JioPhone 2021 offer

Director of Jio, Akash Ambani said in a press release there are still 300 million subscribers in India who are still ‘trapped’ in the 2G era and are unable to access basic features of the internet especially at a time when the whole world is standing at the cusp of a 5G revolution. For the last four years, Jio has been democratizing the internet and has passed on the benefits of technology to each and every Indian. Technology has no longer remained a privilege of only a select few. This New JioPhone 2021 offer is another step in this direction. At Jio, everyone has and will continue taking bold steps for eradicating this DIGITAL DIVIDE and keep welcoming every Indian for joining this movement.

Written by: Mannat Manuja, LinkedIn

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