BARS from Facebook is a new TikTok for rappers: Here’s what all you should know

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Facebook has become just the right tool for you if you always aspired to be a rapping artist. This tool is called BARS and is available on all iOS devices under a closed beta program. The main idea behind starting this app is to allow all the budding rappers to develop their creations using professionally tuned beats. The app is akin to TikTok, allowing all its users to both creating and discovering rap content.

BARS has different levels of tools based on each of your rapping skills. All the rapping artists are free to choose from a library of professional beats and easily add all the custom lyrics. Once you are done, you can then record a video of yourself. BARS will suggest rhyming words while writing your lyrics, video filters, and even audio effects, unlike TikTok. An option to autotune is also provided on this app.

This BARS App from Facebook is just what budding rappers were asking for

Like all those short video creation platforms, BARS also allows its users to create rap videos of up to 60 seconds. The interface is inspired by TikTok, again having a dual-Tab layout. One can quickly check out all the “Featured” raps by default while the “New” tab is already showing you the latest creations from the community. The creator’s name is displayed in the corner of every video.

Of course, all the users are also allowed to show their appreciation for a particular video. This is done by tapping on a rap video and giving “Fire” to a video, just like hearts on Instagram Reels and Snapchat. You can also follow any artist to get the latest updates on your feed if you already like them.

BARS also offers a Challenge Mode for all those of you who feel like having a rap-based freestyle challenge. This basically will throw out words at you to create rap based on the given suggested words.

BARS currently has some pre-created content from professional rappers, former music producers, Facebook’s NPE team, and publishers. Despite a global pandemic raging outside, the app was created by Facebook’s NPE team to let the community of rappers keep doing what they do best.

Currently, BARS is restricted to a closed beta app in the US. Moreover, the app is only limited to all iOS devices. If this app starts gaining traction, we could expect to see Facebook bring BARS to even Android devices and in other countries as well.

Meanwhile, if this app BARS has got you even a little interested, then you can keep an eye on their Instagram channel for all their latest updates they share from time to time.

Written by: Mannat Manuja, LinkedIn

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