Android 12 and its Incredible Features

android 12 update feature

Google releases major software updates to its Android mobile operating system every year. After version 11, android version 12 is here. Its first developer preview has been released on 18 Feb 2021. I will discuss this preview in detail. So keep in touch till the end to get a deep insight.

Android 12 will be the twelfth release and 19th generation of the android mobile operating system. It is developed by Open Handset Alliance and led by Google.  This version will be smarter, easier to use, and give better performance with privacy and security than its previous releases.

Further, Google usually held an I/O developers conference in May every year. It is expected to release the beta version of Android 12 at that conference for customers to test its latest features. The final ready version of the latest upcoming release will not receive an official rollout for compatible handsets before September 2021.

Rumors show numerous advanced and incredible features that the Android twelfth release will offer. Let’s move to talk about them.

·       One-Handed mode:

Rumors suggest that this version will introduce the one-handed mode. It will be the most exciting feature for long-term android users. As smartphones are getting bigger and taller, it becomes difficult for users to use them with a single hand. With this feature, android will make it easier for them to use their phone even while working.  For this feature, android shrinks the screen vertically and brings the topmost part of the phone window closer to your thumb.

·       Enhanced and rolling Screenshots:

Enhance screenshots is another expected feature of Android 12.  It will enable you to add text, emoji, and stickers to your screenshot or resize them using the same tool.  This feature will replace the need for a third-party app to do the same thing.  Moreover, when you take a screenshot inside an app or on a website that exceeds the standard viewport, you get the “scroll” option in the floating window. Everything is then tied together into a smooth image.

·       Lock Screen Redesign/Larger Clock:

You will notice a new and significant change on the lock screen in the beta version. It will include a giant clock, using two lines for hours above the minutes. When the notifications are visible, the clock will move to the top right, just above the notifications. Moreover, the date will show on the top of the weather instead of sitting below the clock. Google has not made this feature clear to the public, which shows this feature is in progress.

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·       Compatible Media Transcoding:

It will be the most fantastic feature of Android 12. Rumors showed that this feature would support the automatic media transcoding to a high-quality format. This feature is for those apps that can’t maintain the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) codec used by numerous camera apps. The latest version will automatically transcode the video files into a more common AVC (Advanced Video Coding) format. While the transcoding process takes time, it depends on the video quality and device’s hardware properties.

·       AVIF image support:

Android 12 will introduced the AVIF image support, which gives you high-quality images with more efficient compression. AVIF is a container format pre-configured using AVI for images and their order. It is considered significantly better than JPEG images with a smaller size fie. Moreover, AVIF supports 10 to 12-bit colors at full resolution and produces high-quality images that are up to 10 times smaller than other formats such as webp, png, and gif.

·       Responsive Notifications:

Google has also targeted responsive notifications. Notifications are redesigned to make them more functional, easier to use, and more modern.  According to rumors, there is a new snooze control that you can tap to snooze instead of swiping at the notification. Then specific notifications can be rested for a set period. Further, when users tap on the notification, they will directly jump to the app.

·       Restricted Networking Mode:

Android 12 may offer the modified network management mode. It will give the OS more control over which apps can access the internet. XDA revealed this feature would take the form of a blocklist enabled by a toggle setting in the OS. This toggle will be accessible by the user, but it is not confirmed if the user can access the original blocklist. The restricted networking mode would be a beneficial addition to improve the user’s privacy.


Hence, I have shared some rumored features of the upcoming Android 12 release. This latest version will offer incredible features such as improved security, one-handed mode, responsive notifications, enhanced screenshots, improved media controls, and much more. This version will be most advanced than its previous versions.  I hope this piece of information will enable you to know about the beta version of Android 12.

 Written by:  Madiha Zainab,  LinkedIn

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