WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2021

whatsapp new features 2021

WhatApps is ready to launch its new features for 2021. A recent report has tested beta mode for these features; then, they would be available for all. New features will improve the login system, messaging experience, video/voice calls for mobiles and WhatsApp web. WhatsApp’s new feature will also introduce new facilities like health and insurance; they tied up with banks and companies. WhatsApp will update calling features with more functions and accessibility on both smartphones and desktops. Below are highlighted features of WhatsApp, coming in 2021.

Calling via Desktop:

The most awaited feature of WhatApp for video/voice calling over WhatApp web and desktop; it will work the same as messaging in chat. Currently, users can only send files via WhatApp web and desktop app. Rumors that the voice/video calling feature would be for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Multi-Device Feature:

 This feature will allow users to log in to their WhatApp account on up to four devices; before, they allowed for two devices, mobile, and desktop, at the same time. People have seen this feature on the iPhone WhatsApp beta version, and now WhatsApp is ready to roll out for Android users. The expected launch is at the beginning of 2021.

WhatsApp Insurance:

 WhatsApp is planning to insurance for its users in India. WhatsApp parent company Facebook is partnered with SBI and HDFC banks to provide health insurance and pension products to Indians.

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Similarly, WhatsApp already rolled out its UPI payments in India; first, this feature was available for selected users; now, they are rolled out for all users in India.

Missed Group Calls:

Currently, users have to restart group calls to add a new member. This feature will allow invited users to join group calls after that has started, So this will be a lesser hurdle for those who make group calls on WhatsApp.

Read Later:

Archived chats’ updated version will be a read later feature in WhatsApp. It will also have an edit button to modify the mechanism of the read later feature. There will be a vacation mode to ensure that the later read function works the same as archived chats.

Mute Video:

Whether we send video or upload video status, there would be an option to mute it. WhatsApp is working to implement this soon; it is still developing and expected to launch in 2021. WhatsApp will add a speaker icon next to file size; by clicking on that, users can mute the video.

Written by: Shivam Rathore |  LinkedIn

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