Twitter Could Face Legal Actions in India After Denying Govt Orders

Twitter is on the edge of the fire; it won’t be exaggerating if we say Twitter would be ban in India. This statement makes this statement stronger because India’s alternative is ready to compete with Twitter. Government officials also started using the newly made-in-India Twitter version; you’ll get an overview of that app in this post. Please stay for a while.

The debate started when Twitter denies the Indian Government orders to ban provocative Hashtags and the accounts that came in support and made those Hashtags viral on Twitter over the FarmersProtest incident in India. The situation became sensitive, and the Government is tracking it very seriously and stopping anything that can incite people for crime.

 After a few personalities do not belong to India, like Rihana, Greta, and Mia Khalifa, many started tweeting to support farmers with hashtags. The situation had gone worse when hashtags like “#FarmersGenocide” and “#ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide” started trending on Twitter. On 5th February Technology Ministry of India ordered twitter to stop this kind of hashtag and block the provocative Twitter accounts are running these hashtags and inciting the people of India. 

Government Orders:

Indian Government had sent 257 URLs and one hashtag to Twitter; that time, Twitter followed it. After then, Twitter lifted all these restrictions and went against the Government by referencing freedom of expression. This act done by Twitter is a clear violation of Indian law under section 69A, related to the information and technology act. Article 69A gives govt the power to block any information circulating to keep India’s safe sovereignty, defense, foreign relations, and security. Hundreds of Chinese apps were barred by using this section 69A. Twitter ignored govt orders for the sake of freedom of speech, that’s good, but Twitter could have gone to court against that order. Instead, Twitter decided to do it on its own.

After getting such a response from Twitter, Indian media compliance said, “Twitter is playing with fire, twitter required to block sensitive content immediately when Government sent a legal notice.

Jack Dorsey Controversy:

Dorsey came in the news when he liked a tweet supporting the Farmer protest post; he became headlines on Indian TV and newspapers. Last year Dorsey posted a controversial picture with a slogan against Brahman cast, which is the upper highest cast in Hindu. In 2019 Dorsey failed to appear before the committee, then he was warned by Modi’s lawmaker for this behavior.

This time government definitely will take a strict step against the act done by Twitter. The face-off between a powerful Indian Government and tech giant Twitter will be the point of interest not only for Indians but also the world.

Alternative is available

There is already an alternative to Twitter, and that is the Koo app; this app is 100% made in India and is titled the AtmaNirbhar Bharat app from various well-known news networks of India. I checked the Koo app today and found it fabulous; it is more than Twitter; believe me, this app has some unexpected features like viewing your profile, going to hashtags search, then tweet (Koo) directly from there without typing that hashtag manually. Many more, I will write a detailed post on this excellent Koo app very soon. PM Narendra Modi suggested this app in “Mann ki Baat,” and Google rewarded Koo as India’s Best app.

Written by: Shivam Rathore |  LinkedIn

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