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As you know, there are billions of Whatsapp users all over the world. They use this instant massaging app to contact their loved ones anywhere at any time.

Whatsapp has over 1.3 billion users, and the app is liked due to its clean, simple, and user-friendly interface. It has no ads, less or no downtimes, and no unnecessary features. These are the leading causes due to which Facebook invests so much in purchasing Whatsapp.

However, some users have questions about this widely used platform and don’t find any proper answers. But don’t worry. In this guide, I will highlight all problems related to Whatsapp and their solutions. So let’s start.

When we talk about the Whatsapp theme, its official app doesn’t provide an option to make a stylish theme or change it. It is a major drawback. WhatsApp is the alternative app to Whatsapp. This app is 100% secure, free, frequently used, and offers various customization options. Plus, it has a bundle of eye-catching Whatsapp themes, which you can freely use.

Have you deleted your Whatsapp account mistakenly or intentionally? And loss you’re all data? Don’t worry. Still, you have the option to restore it. But there are two conditions. The first one is, you have the backup of all your deleted data on G-Drive, while the other is you just deleted your account in less than 30 days. If any of these conditions are accurate, you can easily reactivate your account.

Many people don’t like the typing sounds on any messaging app. But If you want to turn on the typing sound on Whatsapp, go to phone settings, scroll down and tap on the language and input option, and enable the typing sound. Moreover, you can install the Gboard if it is not installed on your phone and make the sounds as louder as you want.

It is a common problem which faces many users but not finds the appropriate solution yet. There are many ways to get better, such as clean your mobile camera (because mostly image or video results are blurred due to dirty camera lens). In addition, you can choose a light place or white background; it also improves the quality and closes all the apps during a video call because they also cause a low video call.

Reading Whatsapp database files is not an easy task. But I have a straightforward solution for you. Now you can read the database files on Whatsapp tools ( It allows you to decrypt Whatsapp databases, lock the database to any device, encrypt the Whatsapp database, export the Whatsapp database, and many others.

As Whatsapp is the most widely used social media platform, numerous malicious actors spread miss information and access it to get the user’s sensitive data. But Whatsapp offers a feature which is known as 2 step verification. It protects your account from being hacked if someone knows your SIM card no or verification number.

Deleting Whatsapp chat backup from Gmail is not a tricky task. First of all, open the G-Drive official website and log in to the account linked with your whatsapp or which you have chosen for backup. Then click on the gear icon (settings) located at the top right corner of the window. After that, go to the Manage apps from the sidebar option. Find Whatsapp and click on the options button. It will show two options Disconnect from G-Drive and Delete hidden app data. Select the second one and delete your Whatsapp chat data permanently.

Sometimes Whatsapp notifications do not show until you open the app. Ensure that the notification setting in your Whatsapp and phone settings is turned on because it may be due to turn-off notifications in settings. It is the major reason for not receiving the notifications Or may be caused due to a network issue.

You would notice that sometimes the timestamps on received massages and your contact last seen are not the same. Both are incorrect. If you experience this, go to the time zone configuration on your phone settings, readjust them, or set them to the network provided. With these settings, your mobile provider will charge your phone at the correct time.


These are the solutions to prevalent Whatsapp issues, which are known to few people. If you, your family, or a friend are also experiencing such difficulties, you can help them build an excellent image in front of them.

I hope this article will help you to update your knowledge regarding Whatsapp issues.

 Written by:  Madiha Zainab, LinkedIn

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