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koo app investors

Koo is moving to become India’s own Twitter; Koo also got an “Aatma Nirbhar App” title from Indians. PM Modi in “Mann Ki Baat” mentioned the Koo app and suggested using this Made in India app. Koo was launched in March 2020 by Aparameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka.

Koo app got viral in mid-argument between the Indian Govt and Twitter when Twitter denied government orders of blocking provocative Hashtags and accounts, making those hashtags viral.

Koo App Trends Twitter: 

Indian have gone furious for koo app. After creating a Koo account, people started promoting it on various social media, especially Twitter; more than 24 hours, there were hashtags on the Twitter trending page; #KooApp and #BanTwitter.

When Koo went viral on social media, many Twitter users tweeting that the Koo app has Chinese inventors. Thus the Koo app is neither “Aatma Nirbhar App” nor Made in India.

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Now coming to the point, does the Koo app funded by the Chinese? Before developing Koo, founders made an app called vokal. On 10th February CEO of the Koo app, Aprameya tweeted regarding the funding of Koo and Vokal. Koo does not have any investors from China; he added that their previous app Vokal has findings from Shunwei, a Chinese investor, but the Chinese have nothing to do with the Koo app.

Who Invested in Koo App:

The question is remains unanswered that from which country is the Koo app getting investment?

Koo received $4.1 Million on 4 February 2021 from five investors, which are the following:

NameDateLocationDeal Type
3one4 Capital4 Feb 2021Banglore, KarnatakaEarly Stage VC 
Blume Ventures 4 Feb 2021Mumbai, Maharastra Early Stage VC
Kalaari Capital    4 Feb 2021Banglore, Karnataka Early Stage VC
Accel4 Feb 2021United StatesEarly Stage VC
Dream Incubator4 Feb 2021Tokyo, Japan Early Stage VC

Read Aprameya Radhakrishna Tweet Here –

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In the above list, three out of five investors are from India; the remaining two are from Japan and the USA. Koo app got all these findings on the same day, 4 February this year, and fundraised on that day was $4.1 Million. Co-founder and CEO of the Koo app said that they are focusing on Koo rather than Vokal.

Written by: Shivam Rathore |  LinkedIn

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