Ford and Android are partner, Android powered Ford vehicles

The partnership between Tech Giant Google and one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers, Ford, has been confirmed; they are stepping in to make the Android operating system and ford engine one. Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said to media in a conference held on Monday. 

  • Impact in Future:

“We both believe that the relationship between Google and Ford will establish an innovation powerhouse,” David McClelland said. “It will accelerate the modernization of our business at Ford, and most importantly, it will let us exceed our customer expectations. There are tons of achievements yet to accomplish, and the world is looking out for them. 

With this collaboration, these two companies are looking to establish a new Teamwork to better their customer experiences by powering automobiles with Smartphone market leader android. It expects that by 2023 Lincoln branded and Ford vehicles will be powered with Android operating system as per their six-year partnership agreement. Ford and Google partnership would be a game-changing incoming market and significantly impact the automobile industry.

  • Team Upshift:

Vice President of Ford McClelland said they would change the whole retail system for customers to buy cars or any vehicle, plus he added Google and Ford would work together to bypass limitations. 

Google and Ford combine work known as Team Upshift to deal with developers to provide services to Ford like infotainment, and Ford would be an Android-powered vehicle. McClelland said, “We have a mechanism that can be as analytics system in the cloud.”

Once there is reach to analyze and get to data, there are many transformations in various fields like driving, assistant, etc. He added that we involve a third party to develop and ensure that no personal data will be shared with anyone.

Written by: Shivam Rathore |  LinkedIn

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