Dark Side of VPN Apps, Know The Risk Before Using it

dark side of free vpn risk of vpn apps

Many people nowadays are getting into the habit of using VPN apps. Of course, it can be anything like browsing something that is banned in the country for various good reasons, surfing the web without revealing identity. We use it because we know this app will make me anonymous, but here’s a catch what if I tell you with these kinds of VPN apps, your identity will be secret from the site you are surfing while someone is watching you? Who? Your VPN app.

There are tons of VPN apps on the Google play store and App store. A report in 2018 reported that 86% of VPN apps have something fishy in their privacy policy, which makes users deny using it—as of June 2019, apple punished the apps that share user data with third-party sites.

Later investigation in July 2019 revealed the truth about the Top 20 VPN apps with free tags; 80% of those apps broke App Store rules.

VPN Ownership Investigation says that 77% of apps reported as unsafe, all listed in Top 10 VPN apps and 90% VPN apps from the same list flagged as spam on the Free VPN Risk Index.

Malware in VPN apps:

CSIRO reported that more than1/3 of total VPN apps contain malware, and most of those free VPN apps ratings are very high, with millions of installs on Google Play Store & App Store. If you say I didn’t get any ransomware attack, especially in mobile, So in 2018, more than 18 million malware defected in mobiles, a report by Symantec. Recently a well knows antivirus Kaspersky detected a jump in trojan used to steal the password.

What kind of risk comes with VPN apps:

All VPN apps guarantee your privacy, but there could be some trackers they are using to get your data and sell it to giant companies for money, so here are some hints about Free VPN risk.

  1. Data selling: Your data could be sold to a company for advertising purposes. have you seen the ad related to your interest, and are these bitch always eager for data to do so.
  2. Monitoring your browsing session: Most of you must be using VPN to make your browsing history anonymous, and these VPN apps are watching your browsing history. Not definitely, but yeah, there’s someone always watching you.
  3. Spyware on Mobile devices: Security experts found that VPN apps could install spyware on users’ devices to keep an eye on their activity. They might trick Play Protect to get this done.
  4.  Network vulnerability: Your network could be in the hands of hackers, especially with the free VPN apps, because they have weak encryption, which gives easy access to hackers.

How to be safe using VPN apps:

We recommend using only Google Play Store or iOS; never use another source like browser or any third-party apk for installing apps if you can afford to, use premium VPN apps because they have robust servers to protect you because you will pay them.  

Written by: Shivam Rathore | LinkedIn


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