Comparison between Twitter and KOO App

Twitter is the world’s popular social media platform, where users can interact with one another and share their ideas and opinions. But last year, Indian develop an app named KOO app, which is a complete alternative to Twitter.

Indian government got this action to save their citizen’s data because Twitter is a micro-blogging platform containing millions of data. Moreover, Twitter blocked a lot of Indian’s accounts, which make the cause the development of the Koo app.

Twitter and Koo have numerous features like, on Twitter, you tweet by text, video, and image, like others’ tweets, comments, follow others, trending news and hashtags, and much. All these features are available on Koo. But still, some parts are missing. Let’s move to discuss them.

  • Interface:

Both apps’ interface is eye-catching and interactive, and Twitter has used two vibrant colors, white and blue, while Koo also has a beautiful interface of yellow and white. The Twitter interface is tricky to use, but the Koo app interface is user-friendly and very simple. It’s very easy for every person to use and understand.

  • Star Ratings and Downloads at play Store:

When it comes to star ratings and downloads at the play store, Twitter has more than 1 Billion downloads with a 4.3 rating. In contrast, the Koo app has more than 1 million downloads in just a few months with a 4.5 rating. It can be expected that Koo will get more active downloads in few months.

  • Owner companies:

Twitter is an American site that was launched in March 2006 by San Francisco, California, US. Till now, it is the top social media platform in the world. On the other hand, Koo was launched in March 2020 by Aparameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka in India.

  • Blogs/Posts:

Any user can share their ideas or opinions through blogs or posts up to 400 characters by using these microblogging platforms. But Twitter blogs are known as Tweets. At the same time, Koo blogs or posts are known as Koos. In both apps, users can like the posts and comments on other’s posts.

  • Language Selection:

Language selection is the plus point of the Koo app. This feature makes this app different from Twitter because it supports eight Indian languages other than English, where people can freely share their ideas without language restriction. But when we talk about Twitter, it only supports the English language.

  • Verification feature:

It is another unique feature of the Koo app. There is an option in settings that can be used for account verification; it ensures security and recovery of your account if lost. In contrast, Twitter doesn’t provide such an account verification feature to ensure your privacy. 

  • News Feeds Arrangement:

It is awe-inspiring. In Koo, new feeds are arranged in chronological order. It means fresh meals are at the top, and older ones are listed below. While in Twitter, a complex algorithm works, which mixed all latest and old feeds. It becomes difficult for users to know about the latest trends.

  • Check the posts published from your surroundings:

Yes, now you can check your surrounding Koos by clicking on the around me option in Koo. It is amazing. This feature you will not find on Twitter. To check the tweets publish from your nearby place, you need to search in the search bar. 

  • Detailed Statistics:

Detailed statistics is one of the most fantastic features of the Koo app; it allows you to check the number of followers daily, weekly, or monthly in the graphical representation on your profile. In contrast, Twitter doesn’t represent any graph to show the followers based on days, weeks, or months. 

  • URL Shortener:

Twitter allows you to add a built-in URL shortener to access the web pages easily. It is the only way to encourage users to add as much text as possible without another website or shortening URL. This action is beneficial to eliminate the need to rely on another website. On the other hand, the Koo app has not had any features like this. You will move to other websites. 

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Hence I have shared a comparison between the two apps. Although both apps work for the same purpose and they have various same features as well. But there are some features which make them different from one another. So we can say that Koo is an Indian Twitter app to connect the Indians and give them a platform to share their opinions and ideas in their mother tongue. This app is only for Indians. At the same time, the Twitter app is available all over the world. 

I hope this article will clear all your complications and confusion about both apps. Stay safe and happy. Thanks!

 Written by:  Madiha Zainab | LinkedIn

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