Why Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Got Suspended

Trump’s Twitter account suspension is the trending news on social media these days. Many people want to know the primary cause of suspension. How was his account suspended? What are the reasons? These are the questions from every individual on the planet, not only US citizens.

I research this topic and found the main reasons which I want to share with you. So read the entire piece of writing till the end to clear all your questions.  

How Trump Twitter Account got suspended:

Trump’s account was temporarily suspended for 12 hours on Wednesday, and his three tweets with a video were removed as well. Twitter takes this extreme action because thousands of trump supporters attack the Capital on Wednesday; in return, police stop them. This crash killed four people at the spot.

After this severe violence, his account was back after 12 hours. At that time, Twitter warned Trump of violation of rules, and they suspend his account permanently if Trump violates the platform Civic Integrity policy again. 

Trump uses his account again to denounce the vice president. At the same time, Twitter reviews the trump account and the context of his surroundings. They decided to suspend his account permanently for fear of further violence or incitement. 

Not From Twitter Only

His account is not only suspended from Twitter; Facebook owner Mark Zurk Burk clarifies that Trump’s Instagram and Facebook accounts have been banned infinitely. Moreover, all his accounts, all posts/content, impressions on other tweets suddenly disappeared. In short, his accounts are entirely blanked with a statement “Account Suspended.”

Sources revealed that American media has also termed a “threat” after his supporters attach to Capitol. They said that he is no more eligible to stay in office and should be removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, the media demanded Trump be held accountable in a criminal case. 

Whats Twitter Said

In a blog post, Twitter explained that they banned the Donald trump account due to excessive public pressure, and Twitter employees also signed a letter for his account suspension.

If we talk about the previous records of Trump, he was using this account from 2009. Through this platform, he conveys his ideas, condemns his enemies, admires his friends, makes countless false statements, and delivers official White House announcements. 

Additionally, in 2020 when the pandemic was on peak president use this account to spread false information against COVID-19 and the election. Twitter started to impose new policies on the trump account under the pressure of lawmakers and health experts.

Last May, Twitter took action against Trump’s account for the first time and added a warning label to a pair of tweets claiming that the mail in the ballots had been forged. 


Finally, we conclude that the American president, Donald Trump Twitter account, is suspended under the risk of further violating laws. It is the bulk of information that I got from various resources and shared with you. I hope all questions about this issue will be cleared now. Keep in touch for further updates. 

Written by:  Madiha Zainab || LinkedIn

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