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FAU-G full form is Fearless and United Guards. FAUG was launched on 26th January 2021 on the occasion of Republic Day of India.

Hello, folks. My name is Shivam Rathore. As an Indian, I was so curious about the release date of this game, and finally, the FAUG game by is launched, which is developed by nCore Games pvt ltd. I played the FAU-G game and will explain about FAUG gameplay, pros, and cons, etc, so stay with me for a while.

·      Who Made FAU-G Game:

nCore games developed Fearless and United Guards in short form FAU-G nCore games, which made mobile games and nCore’s headquarter in Banglore, India. FUA-G is a Made in India game.

Team  of nCore games is as follows:

CEO:                            Dayanidhi MG

Advisor & investor:   Vishal Gonda

COO:                            Ganesh Hande

CTO:                             Thara Jacob

Associate Director:    Arindam Mitra

Product Lead:              Manohar Reddy

FAU-G Game team nCore Company

·       Gameplay of FAU-G Game:

If you’d play this game, you knew that it has fantastic visuals from the start, and graphics are also impressive. FAUG game has three modes, but now nCore unlocked only campaign mode for players, and others are titled as coming soon. When we start the game, we got a Sikh soldier who is an Indian soldier, and we have to fight Chinese soldiers who entered Gallwan Velly. There are not many weapons on the battlefield, only hand-to-hand fight, and while playing, you can snitch a rode or bladed sticks from opponents, that’s all. 

There’s no health supplement or guns players can carry when a player got injured. He can full his health to 100% by sitting near the bonfire. This is something exciting and looks fantastic. Besides, if they have also provided health equipment, it will be time-saving when no bonfire nearby. 

Hindi narration is something you’ve never seen in any game before because almost all popular games were made in English countries; therefore, speaking in Hindi is fabulous here; I loved it. In the beginning, the story is stunning. It feels like watching a video in HD, so I give it 10 out of 10 as a new game for graphics.

You will be proud to hear that FAU-G nCore game will donate 20% of its revenue to “Bharat Ke Veer.” 

Here I will share my experience on the Pros and Cons of the FAUG Indian game.

FAU-G Fearless and United Guards by nCore

Good things in FAU-G nCore game

* Speaking in Hindi Laungae

* Awesome Graphics

* nCore will donate 20% of revenue to Bharat Ke Veer

* Fearless and United Guards FAU-G game is an Indian game.

Bad things of FAUG game:

* No guns or throw to hit weapons

* No equipments that player can carry

* Items in store are much expensive

* Difficulty level becomes very insane after a few levels

FAU-G fight gameplya

How to Download FAUG game:    You can search on Google Play Store “FAU-G game” or Install on your android mobile by clicking on the link given below: 

Download NowInstall FAU-G Game From Play Store

Friends as an Indian, I pour my personal experience about this game, well I read many reviews by the prominent newspaper of tech giants in India. I found that they highly criticized this game and know they have rights. Still, one should not forget that this is just the start of the gaming industry in India appreciate their hard work as an app developer; I know how much difficult it is to code and, guys they gave us the best in the beginning if we support them nCore will release updates to fix the issue.
Tell me how many gaming companies or countries published a PUBG like the game even their games weren’t as good as FAUG. Would you please encourage FAU-G nCore and team and contribute to building the Indian gaming industry?
Thank you, Take care

Written by: Shivam Rathore |  LinkedIn

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