Android 11 Most Useful Features 2021

Android latest Version 11 is expected to release in February. Its Users are curiously waiting for its cool name like previous versions. But Unfortunately, Google has not announced the upcoming version name. It will be known by its number, which is eleven.

 As you know, android 10 has numerous advanced features like a dark theme, focus mode, live caption, sound amplifier, and many others. So rumors revealed that the new android version would be more than its previous version.

Android 11 four beta versions have been released, and now we are in the 4th. It is expected Google will confirm its official announcement soon.

Now I am going to share a list of the new features with a brief description. But note that this list will not cover all new features and updates. These are the rumored updates that we get from different resources.

·       Inbuilt Screen Recorder:

It becomes trend in recent time to record mobile screen, there are tons of apps available on Google Play Store as Android Screen Recorder. Android version 11 provide you inbuilt feature so no need to install external apps for this operation, this feature will make device handy and very easy to access you’ll just have to pull down the notification and click on Screen Recorder like you turn on/off Internet and WIFI.

If I talk about my mobile I have Redmi 6 Pro and I got this screen recorder feature in Android Version 10 so we can say that MI implemented this and some others too maybe but Android 11 will make it available for everyone. I used this feature many times and stopped using third party apps.      

·       Media Controls:

Android 11 will provide you a very flexible media control tool. For instance, in previous releases, you have to reopen the app to mute the session or stop the session when you play music. The latest release will allow you to pause or play the music by drop down the notification bar and perform the action. Additionally, you will be able to switch between the apps in a smooth order way.

·       Power Button Menu:

When it comes to the power button menu, Google has made this feature central and more advanced. When you press the power button at the side of your smartphone, it opens a new window containing three buttons: emergency, power, and restart Buttons plus digital wallet and smart home appliances.  But Google allows this feature for a few devices such as Samsung smartphones.

·       Wireless Android Auto:

Android auto involves a cable to attach the device to your car. But when the wireless android auto featured was introduced the first time in 2017 for a few pixels phones, it removes cable to use.

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Now developers are working on this advanced feature, and it will be available to all devices. However, to support this feature, your device must meet the terms with additional regulatory requirements.

·       Chat Bubbles:

The latest version will allow you to access your conversations through bubbles. This feature was also present in previous android releases, but it was only limited to the messenger app. One tap on the bubble opens the conversation, and then it can be minimized on the chat icon. But in android eleven, this featured will work for more than one app, such as during ongoing calls, WhatsApp, and other messaging applications.

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Chat bubbles concept is came from Facebook Messenger that was implemented years ago. This floats device notification at the top of mobile screen and this will also apply on WhatsApp or message it doesn’t matter what thing are you doing in mobile this chat bubbles feature will make easy to conversation for you.

How chat bubbles works?  

When you get a new message pull down notification then there will be a circle at bottom-tight of notification alert just touch on that circle and you chat or conversation will be transformed into a chat bubble.

·       Pin Apps to the Share Menu:

It will be the more incredible feature of android 11, which allows you to pin your frequently used apps to the share sheet, which will help you access those apps more quickly, without searching it on the menu.


So I have highlighted the rumored and dominated features of Android 11. But the list doesn’t end here. I talk about a few significant updates. There is an extensive range of incredible features like text selection, live location sharing, one-time permission, curved display support, and many others.

Written by:  Madiha Zainab || LinkedIn

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