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WhatsApp is the most commonly used social media app with millions of users worldwide. It is popular due to its fast massaging and end-to-end encrypted service. At the same time, Facebook is another top-using social media platform with a vast crowd of users.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 with a $16 billion purchase price. All terms and conditions were under control by Facebook. But recently, WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. Everyone is confused about these changes and wants to know either it will be insecure for them or not?! So lets’ move to talk about the new changes in the privacy policy and their effects on users.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Changes and Better Alternative:

  • Privacy Policy Changes:

This controversy has left many users confused about privacy changes. They feel betrayed after getting this update. According to the new policy, WhatsApp will collect the user’S data and share it with its new partner, Facebook, while Facebook will use it and share it with its group of companies. 

Information that will be shared includes user phone numbers, contact numbers in their contact list, profile name, picture, and status when they last online. Moreover, WhatsApp claims that their account will be permanently deleted if a user does not accept these terms and conditions.

All users are afraid of new terms and conditions because their data is no more secure. They feel insecure about their chat with their friends or family and to share media. On the other hand, for businesses, this is an alarming situation. They can’t share their transaction codes or any other sensitive data by using this platform.

  • Does Facebook Steal users Data:

Now the point is, why fear facebook so much? Let me give you an idea of how Facebook uses its user’s and non-users data. No, Facebook doesn’t sell your data. It will sell to you; when you search for something online in the next very few minutes, you’ll see that in your feed. Yeah, Facebook will sell your product through advertisers, and this is called a business. That’s the case facebook attracts more advertisers to run a campaign on their platform, and everyone advertises to reach potential buyers.

On 11 April 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in front of Congress members in Capitol Hill to discuss using 87 Million Facebook user’s data. A Democrat from Michigan, Debbie Dingell, asked Mark Zuckerberg how they collect data of Facebook users and non-users. Dingell also questioned the software facebook uses to track users’ data on different types of websites.

  • The alternative of Whatsapp:

In this critical situation, users are searching for a secure massaging platform. Experts recommend the more secure, better, and refreshing service to protect your privacy: Signal, Telegram, or Threema app are a safe corner to handle this situation. 

Telegram App:

Telegram app is a decent alternative to WhatsApp because it is free to use, provides fast massaging service, is end-to-end encrypted, and used high-security protocols. Telegram is in use for the past several years, but now it’s gaining popularity. It has many benefits over WhatsApp, such as you can create a group of 100,000 users and send up to 1.5 GB bigger files. 

Signal APP:

The signal app is another best alternative after telegram. This app is similar to WhatsApp or telegram in more ways. It allows us to make video calls, audio calls, instant messaging, share media and files, anti-surveillance tools, and onscreen privacy options. Furthermore, you do not save on servers and end-to-end encrypted. Experts like Elon Musk also recommend this highly secure platform.

Threema App:

If you don’t want to compromise your sensitive data by using free apps like telegram and signal, try this paid tool to connect with your loved one. It provides all the functions that a messaging app offers. Your private chats, voice calls, files, location, and sensitive data are 100% secured at this platform.


I finally conclude that you don’t want to fear anymore. If you feel insecure at WhatsApp, you can move to the apps mentioned above and protect your privacy. I hope this article will help you know about the latest WhatsApp privacy policy and alternatives to deal with this issue.

Source: The New York Times

Written by:  Madiha Zainab || LinkedIn

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